• “Motivos – Atelier de Design” is a portuguese brand born from the dream
    to give Portugal and the design world decorative patterns and motifs
    based on everything that surrounds us and inspires us on a daily basis.

    There are many reasons that push people to look for a designer
    but surely the main reason is the fact that they wish for something personal,
    which is sometimes difficult to get.

    The Atelier is the room where materials, textures and colours come to life,
    awaking our senses and transporting us into our own memories.

    Our aim is to give our customers creative and original products
    which reflect and adjust to each one’s charcter and concept.
    So here’s our suggestion: “Find out what’s your favourite motif.”

    You will be surprised to find in the simplicity that surrounds you the most beautiful “Motifs”.

    . . .